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Procedures & Policies

The following policies and procedures are enacted to ensure a smooth transition into tutoring and consultation sessions. To ensure your satisfaction, please read carefully, and comply. Each student is evaluated individually by the tutor to determine his or her specific academic needs.

The tutor will then be responsible for implementing and filling in the academic gaps as previously assessed. The initial Tutor/Parent consultation notations and any other concerns addressed by the parents or classroom teachers will be taken into consideration while moving forward in providing tutoring services for the student.  The frequency of tutoring sessions is based on the assessment of the tutor, parent, and teacher.  

DUE TO COVID -19 REGULATIONS AND CONCERNS, ALL MEETINGS AND SESSIONS ARE HELD ONLINE. This decision was set in place for the safety and well-being of the student, parents, and consultant clients. JValenciaACTS, LLC will adhere to the regulations set in place by the CDC and federal government and in some cases taking extra precautions to keep all parties safe. As conditions change, we will adjust to the convenience of our clients.

Scheduling of sessions will also be done on an individual basis through this website. Please click the Booking Sessions tab to are also available online. Sessions are scheduled to complement the parent’s affordability and the student’s necessities. JValenciaACTS, LLC does recommend at least 2 to 3 sessions per week to get the minimal best results. Email and text communication will be enforced while receiving our services. In addition, JValenciaACTS will request phone or zoom communication with the parent.  

During parent discussion time, the parent will be informed of the strategies and activities being used during the tutoring sessions, and activities that can be reinforced at home for additional practice. During the tutoring session, the tutor will follow the curriculum that was discussed, selected, and/or design for the student. Homework will also be discussed at this time as well as any other assignments agreed upon. Most materials and activities are provided by tutors; however, many schools provide homework packets for the students to use for tutoring, also. Please be advised some materials/supplies may be requested for the parent to purchase by the tutor.

To ensure optimal progress, homework may be assigned by the tutor. Just as learning to ride a bike cannot be accomplished in one-hour training sessions per week, academic skills also require practice on a regular basis throughout the week. Please consider this concept when booking sessions.

In some instances, tutors may need to communicate with the current classroom teacher to ensure that the child is not overwhelmed with assignments. Open communication and collaboration with other professionals are always encouraged if agreed upon by parents.

Be Prepared

  • Be sure to be prepared for a session before the start time

  • Students may bring work needed to go over for extra help

  • Be sure to have a crate with all supplies, books, and materials used throughout tutoring to ensure preparedness  

  • Tutors will not do your homework or classwork; however, we will thoroughly explain, guide, and work through the homework with the student.

  • Sessions will take place at the scheduled time; hence, if you are unprepared this will take away valuable learning time.

Student Etiquette Rules

  • Undesirable behavior will not be tolerated examples include but are not limited too

    • Back Talking

    • Yelling

    • Interrupting Tutor

    • Non-compliance with instruction given by the tutor

    • Foul Language

    • Disrespectful behavior

    • Failure to listen to Tutor

  • Keep the noise level down.

  • Please wear headphones during the session. This helps eliminate background noise and echo.

  • Turn OFF cell phones.

  • NO outside interruptions during tutoring sessions.

  • Do not eat or drink unless otherwise allowed by tutor upon discussion with parent.


We strive to create a safe and stress-free environment for your child’s learning. If any of these Etiquette rules are broken the tutor has the option to cancel the session and request a private meeting with the parent to discuss behavioral corrections.

Tutors are expected to treat students respectfully. In turn, please treat the tutor respectfully

Cancelation Policies Tutee/Client

  • All Tutoring sessions must be scheduled 3 days in advance. This will give your tutor the time needed to prepare for the session.

  • Cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Please refer to the Refund Policy below.

  • Tutors will give 48 hours of cancelation notice to parents.

  • If the student is in any way unruly or does not comply with the behavior etiquette required, the tutor will cancel the session, completing the tutoring session will not be considered.  

  • If behavior modifications are unsuccessful upon the student’s return, the tutor may cancel all other scheduled sessions.

  • Please email, text, or call to cancel your appointment  Include your child’s name, Grade Level, and Booking Time that’s being canceled.


Payment/Refund Policies Tutee/Client

  • Full payments are required upon scheduling. 

  • If the tutor cancels the same day, then deposits/full cost will be refunded, whichever has been paid at the time of cancellation.

  • Some situations regarding refunds are unique in nature therefore, Refund decisions are at the discretion of the Tutor. 

  • If the Tutor must cancel during a session because of behavior issues, there will be no refund for the session.

  • If the student has been banned from sessions in the future that have been paid, JValenciaACTS, LLC will refund all sessions, except the session that directly coincides with the decision to discontinue services with the student.

  • If a session has started and it becomes evident that we must reschedule due to the unpreparedness of students for sessions, the parent is still expected to pay for the full payment of the next session.

  • Laptops are strongly requested. This guarantees that the student and teacher can have control of the screen.

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