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We offer one on one specialized attention tutoring for academic support. We provide services for 1st through 8th grade students. If preferred, we support your child’s learning by collaborating with their teachers and any other stakeholders. Our goal is to build on what your child has been taught and find innovative ways to bring a greater understanding.


I have an extensive educational background in serving a diverse assembly of students and teachers. I am a licensed/certified educator. In addition, I have developed intervention plans and assessments in math and reading to meet state standards.During my twenty years of experience, I have been a Professional Development Presenter for elementary and high school teachers throughout school districts. 


My goal is to help every student feel confident while implementing the knowledge and skills that will give your child the opportunity to excel on assessments and access to compete in a global society. In addition, we desire to provide a fun learning environment while doing so.   



Resource: Time4Learning

Your child’s curriculum will include hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of animated lessons, activities, quizzes, worksheets, and full-length tests, all suited to each student’s grade level and your particular state’s learning standards. In contrast to some of the other curriculum resources on this list, Time4Learning offers a combination of online and offline, printable worksheets and other hands-on activities. 

Additional resources that make Time4Learning stand out are the many lesson-planning tools and learning style guides that can help you track your kids’ progress. If you’ve found yourself an “accidental homeschooler” during COVID-19 isolation, this curriculum can help you breathe a little easier. 




Resource: Learning Farm


Standards Based Practice & Instruction

  • High quality content made for your state's standards

  • Goal-oriented, self-paced, instruction and practice

  • Rigorous content, yet fun and engaging for students

  • Very easy to use for students and teachers

  • Web-based, designed for desktop or tablet


New Generation of Online Learning

  • Newly created programs for your state standards.

  • Sophisticated content engine delivers differentiated instruction and varied item formats, including short-answer and multi-answer select.

  • Program design is informed by Smarter Balanced (SBAC) and PARCC assessments.

Highest Quality Content

  • Dynamic math engine and short answer response system provides an endless practice and learning resource.

  • An extensive library of original literary and informational texts enables students to acquire the skills of 21st century literacy.

  • All new content custom created for your state standards.

Student Focused Design

  • Computer adaptive instruction

  • Designed for Common Core transition and Smarter Balanced (SBAC) and PARCC assessments readiness

  • Goal-oriented design

  • Fun and motivating games

  • Very user-friendly design



We provide hourly tutoring services for grade levels 1st thru 8th grade in the areas of Math, Writing, Reading and Language Arts. All classes are taught in English. The homework or study packets that are given to students by their teachers will also be included as a portion of the presented curriculum.  We do except ESL (English as Second Language) students. All classes are virtual and taught through Zoom. If you prefer another platform, please inform us.  Additional educational resources and additional interactive apps will be provided and purchased by JValenciaACTS, LLC.

All Classes are taught in English

Full payments are required 3 days in advance.

  • Tutoring Session ( Any Provided Subject)

    50 US dollars
  • 2 one-hour tutoring sessions per week

  • 3 one-hour tutoring sessions per week

  • 4 one-hour tutoring sessions per week

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