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Professional Development

We aim to build bridges of communication between leadership and staff, to forge connections that transcend hierarchy and foster a sense of belonging and purpose. Together, we explore methods to enhance work relationships, boost employee morale, and empower individuals to take ownership of their work with newfound autonomy and confidence.


JValenciaACTS, LLC. provides professional development in various areas to enhance and complement the retention, culture and climate, growth, and stability within companies, schools,  and businesses. During these trainings, we will analyze gathered data from employees and/or staff, and then implement steps and principles to reestablish the company’s atmosphere, vision, and goals. We will employ strategies through research-based methods to augment and increase positive outcomes. It has been proven that a positive and motivating work environment improves overall organizational health. 

Build bridges of communication with leadership and staff.


Professional Development Training

  • We analyze research-based strategies that increase student and employee productivity.

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  • We provide educators with the tools and strategies they need to unleash their full potential and cultivate a classroom environment that fosters growth and success.


Explore methods

Enhance work relationships

Employee morale

Employee’s Autonomy

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